Monday, July 6, 2009

Settling In

Hello everyone! I'm glad you stumbled upon my new venture, which will hopefully gather me some more followers than my previous blog: A Roommate Named Bill. I switched domain names because I was able to sell my blog about my amazing roommate Bill Brasky to some sucker in Ohio, which gave me the money to buy this $400k house that I live in now by myself with my cat Stefan (what a cute little guy!). It's still a little empty, as I only have that Goodwill couch and my grandma's old black and white TV (although I can't afford cable and I let that converter box voucher expire. Damn!)

Either way, I'll be posting some of my poetry as well as some sweet dance moves that I've created - I'll upload those with my brand new webcam!

I'm on Twitter now too. You can follow me here. Ciao!

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